Why Cycleways?

Bike riding is a smart and sustainable transport option for short inner city trips. Half of all car trips in Sydney are less than 5 kilometres – just 15 minutes on a bicycle. So it’s no wonder the number of bike riders in Sydney has increased dramatically, doubling in just three years.SydneyCycleways Bike Network

Providing a high-quality, convenient and safe bike network is vital to cater for the increasing number of bike riders and to ensure a safer transport network for all road users. Benefits include:

Reduced congestion

More people on bikes means fewer cars on the road and more seats available on public transport.

Better health

Cycleways make it easier to ride a bike and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Bike riding is a low impact cardio exercise that many people are already fitting into their daily lives. It boosts your fitness, burns calories and builds muscle.

Economic savings

Building new cycleways makes great economic sense. Traffic congestion already costs Sydney business and the community $5.1 billion a year – and with a forecast 23 per cent growth in traffic in just 15 years, that figure will rise to $7.8 billion a year. For every dollar we spend building a bike network we get nearly $4 back in congestion, environmental and health benefits.

A safer design

We have drawn on the experiences of cities such as Copenhagen, Amsterdam, New York and London to develop a bike network for Sydney. Our cycleways are designed to be easy-to-use, convenient and safe.

Sydney’s separated cycleways give bike riders their own lane separate from motor traffic and make road safeer for all road users.



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