Cycle Strategy & Action Plan: 2007 - 2017

The City of Sydney Cycle Strategy and Action Plan 2007-2017 is our commitment to making cycling as attractive a choice of transport as walking or using public transport.

The strategy outlines the infrastructure needed to ensure a safer and more comfortable cycling environment and the social initiatives that will encourage more people to cycle.

It is based on comprehensive analysis of cycling issues prepared by consultants, who drew on significant community input.


The City of Sydney aims to make cycling an equal transport choice for residents, workers and visitors by 2017.

Specific aims of the strategy:

    • Creating and maintaining a comfortable and bicycle friendly environment in Sydney to encourage more residents, visitors and workers onto bicycles;
    • Improving cycling safety;
    • Promoting the benefits of cycling; and
    • Increasing the number of trips made by bicycle in Sydney.


    • Increase the number of bicycle trips made in the City of Sydney, as a percentage of total trips, from less than two per cent in 2006 to five per cent by 2011, and to 10 per cent by 2016;
    • Increase the number of bicycle trips between two and 20 km made in the City of Sydney, as a percentage of total trips to 20 per cent by 2016;
    • Achieve a minimum 80 per cent good level of confidence and comfort for cyclists that ride in the City of Sydney by 2016; and
    • Measure and monitor the number of collisions and injuries involving bicycles and achieve a reduction in the number of incidents.

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