Union Street seperated cycleway

Useful tips

  • Bike riders should take particular care when crossing the shared path environment on Pyrmont Bridge;
  • Bike riders on Pyrmont Bridge must give way to pedestrians and should travel within the 10 km/h speed limit;
  • At intersections, bike riders on the cycleway should cross within the designated bike crossing on the green bike signal;
  • Riders should watch out for cars, particularly when cars are turning left;
  • Riders must always give way to pedestrians and are not allowed to ride bikes on pedestrian crossings;
  • The cycleway should not be blocked or used for storage (garbage bins, skip bins, construction materials, removalists etc). Garbage bins are to be left on the footpath near the gutter. Bins will be collected from the footpath and returned to the footpath;
  • People should not walk on the bicycle path unless they are crossing by the shortest route, or they are in a wheelchair or helping someone using a wheelchair; and
  • Remember to look left and right before crossing a cycleway.

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For more information on any of the City’s cycleway projects please contact:

Cycling Community Engagement Officer
Tel: 02 9265 9333
Fax: 02 9265 9780
Email: sydneycycleways@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au

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