Proposed Network

The network

To best connect the places where people live, work and socialise, the City has identified 10 regional routes that provide a safe, high quality riding experience for riders of all abilities (See the Cycle Strategy and Action Plan 2007-2017 Implementation Update – February 2012)

Cycling routes which are currently in high demand, and those that complete existing links providing better connections across and beyond the City of Sydney, have the highest priority.

Completing this network involves improving existing cycling infrastructure and innovating afresh; including the development of separated cycleways where appropriate.

It’s working! Independent bike counts across 100 Sydney intersections, show the number of trips by bikes have more than doubled in the past three years.

Routes are a combination of existing on-road bike lanes, shared paths, and where possible, separated cycleways.

See the 10 regional routes

Heart of the city

Light rail is coming to George Street in the heart of Sydney. To make way for this exciting project, changes will be made to buses, traffic and the flow of pedestrians. Transport for NSW has released a Sydney City Centre Access Strategy which proposes several new city centre cycleways. These important links will form part of Sydney’s growing bike network and help the NSW Government meet its target to double local and district trips by bike by 2016.

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