Planning for Bike Facilities

Standards and Guides

The following information is to assist organisations in the City to determine the optimal number and type of bicycle facilities for a cycle friendly workplace. Based on this information, the City has developed a Bike Parking Calculator to help you determine the number of bike parking facilities for your workplace.

Australian Standard

The Australian Standard AS 2890.3 – 1993 Parking Facilities Part 3: Bicycle Parking specifies bicycle parking types and other requirements such as location, protection, distances and signage. The standard is available from


The Austroads publication AP-11.14/99 Guide to Traffic Engineering Practice Part 14: Bicycles contains national guidelines for designing bicycle facilities. For offices, the guide recommends 1 space per 200 square meters of floor space. The guide is available from

City of Sydney planning controls

The Sydney Development Control Plan (DCP), which is the current City of Sydney planning control for the CBD, requires for office or business premises; at least one bicycle parking space for every 150 square metres of gross floor area and one visitor bicycle parking space for every 400 square metres of gross floor area. The South Sydney DCP11 recommends one space per 20 staff.

The City of Sydney Standard Conditions which are applied to new developments specify the layout, design and security of bicycle facilities either on-street or off-street must comply with the minimum requirements of Australian Standard AS 2890.3 except that:

    • All bicycle parking for occupants of residential buildings must be Class 1 bicycle lockers
    • All bicycle parking for staff / employees of any land uses must be Class 2 bicycle facilities
    • All bicycle parking for visitors of any land uses must be Class 3 bicycle rails

The number of showers (with change area) and personal lockers required is specified as a condition of consent.

Green Star

Green Star is a sustainability rating tool for commercial buildings created by the Green Building Council of Australia.  For more information see

Green Star encourages:

    • Secure bicycle storage for 5-10% of building staff based on 1 person per 15 square meters of net lettable area (NLA)
    • Accessible showers (1 per 10 bicycle spaces provided or part thereof)
    • Change facilities with secure lockers for each bicycle space
    • Visitor bicycle parking (one per 7,500 square meters NLA) in an accessible location, signposted and near a major public entrance


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