Cycle Friendly Workplaces

Riding to work is an excellent way to start the day!

Some of the benefits include:

    • Improving physical health
    • Increasing productivity through improved alertness and concentration
    • Relaxing state of mind and reducing stress levels
    • It is a cheaper way to get to work
    • It can be quicker than other forms of transport
    • Reducing the amount of air pollution
    • Improves time management and work-life balance because daily exercise and daily commute are done at the same time
    • It is a shared experience, which creates a stronger work culture
    • and of course – riding a bike is fun!

Tips to get your colleagues riding more

    • Why not arrange a team outing to Sydney Park to complete the City’s free cycling confidence course or bike maintenance course. The cycling confidence course can be tailored towards new riders, occasional riders and regular riders.If you’re a bit rusty on the road rules or just want to know how to be a gracious bike rider then this course is for you.
    • Request new bike parking for outside your workplace, if your workplace is lacking in bike parking facilities.
    • Register your organisation to participate in Ride to Work Day in October.

Develop a Workplace Travel Plan

Excellent resources to help you develop your Workplace Travel Plan include the TravelSmart Victoria Workplace Employers Pack and the NSW Government Premier’s Council for Active Living Travel Plan.

Are you considering riding to work or want to encourage your colleagues to try riding for the first time?

Get down to a Try2Wheels event to try different types of bikes and get great advice on everything from bike purchasing and route finding to cycling confidence courses and maintenance. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or sign up to receive our bi-monthly newsletter to receive the latest updates.

Sydney Cycleways

Sydney Cycleways








More tips and initiatives on how to encourage riding to work are coming soon.

For more information regarding the Workplace Cycling Promotion Program please contact:

StreetShare Project Co-ordinator
Tel: 02 9265 9760

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