Celebrating real Sydney bike-riders

We receive so many wonderful testimonials from such a wide array of bike riders and we decided the best way to celebrate these personal stories was to share them through “Everything’s Connected”.

Thanks to the generous assistance of five very special bike riders who volunteered to tell us their bike-riding stories, we have four terrific films to share with you.

These testimonials are very much a reflection of just how diverse the Sydney bike-riding community is.

Meet the riders


An urban commuter who uses his bike to cross the Harbour Bridge every day on his way to work…


A doctor who has rediscovered her love of cycling through commuting…

Les and Judy

A retired couple who use their bikes to explore the city…


A young female bike rider who sees cycling as a great lifestyle choice as well as great way to get around…

Tell us your stories...

We would love to hear your personal experiences of cycling in Sydney! Please tell us your stories by emailing us at sydneycycleways@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.


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