The path is there to share

Keep safe on shared paths and streets

Safety for all street users is a priority, and educating people on using shared paths will create a safer environment for all.

We know that many bike riders are new to riding in traffic or on shared paths. That’s why we are working hard to educate everyone – bike riders, pedestrians and motorists – on how to share roads, streets and paths safely and courteously.

Share the Path

Popping up at different locations in the morning or evening, on or nearby shared paths across the City, the Share the Path team provide safety advice on using shared paths. Our friendly information experts are on hand to answer your questions on cycling in the city and using shared paths.

Don’t have a bell on your bike (remember – it’s a legal requirement!) or need a quick bike tune up?

Drop by and see our friendly team who will fit the bell to your bike and provide a few quick tips on bell etiquette.

When using a shared path, bike riders need to watch out for pedestrians – slow down, use their bells early and be ready to stop. By law, bike riders must always give way to people walking on shared paths.

Stay tuned to where we’ll be this week or follow us on Twitter to see where our team will be offering free bike tune-ups and which locations the Share the Path team will be at next.

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See the Share the Path team in action in this video:

Identifying a shared path

Shared paths can be identified in the city by the regulatory signage below and in an increasing number of locations marked by these blue line marking and blue pavement signage (see below):

Sydney Cycleways

Sydney Cycleways









Find out more about shared paths and other types of cycleway that form the City’s bike network.


For more information regarding Share the Path please contact:

StreetShare Co-ordinator
Tel: 02 9265 9333

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