Gracious Cycling

No matter where you ride, or how often – do you ride graciously? Watch this video to find out:

Pick up one of these limited edition postcards around the City from the Sydney Cycleways team, here’s where to find us this week. If you would like to order any for your workplace, shop or cafe simply contact us with your details. You can also download and print the posters (click on the link under each image).


Sydney Cycleways

Did you know it’s the law to have a bell on your bike? Use it early, with a friendly ding to let others know you are approaching – and add a friendly smile, “hello” or wave.

Download the high-res version of the ‘Ring Your Bell’ poster.

Sydney Cycleways

Remember to ride on shared paths with extra care. Give way to pedestrians and be ready to stop, especially when it’s busy.

Download the high-res version of the ‘Share The Path With Care’ poster.

Sydney Ctcleways

Did you know you need to respect road rules and stop at red lights when you’re riding a bike? It will keep you safe and earn you respect from other road users.

Download the high-res version of the ‘Stop On Red’ poster.

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